Why I Almost Sat Out the Women’s March

I had decided earlier in the week not to attend my city’s Women’s March. My reasoning was simple. You can’t spend 8 years idolizing First Lady Michelle Obama and then forget about her sisters. I took one look at the list of scheduled speakers and couldn’t help but notice the lack of Black women speakers….

Why My Grandfathers Would Have Voted for Trump

It’s not missed on me that included in the silent majority of voters that made Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States were disenfranchised African-American voters of the Silent Generation. In fact, if my grandfathers were alive today, I am pretty sure they’d have voted for Trump. Why? Because Trump, unlike his…

Common Sense Prevails in L.A. Police Union Election

Phew! Angeleno’s concerned with the state of policing, police abuse, police misconduct, community and police relations and just overall common decency will never know how close they came to setting the clock back several decades. Source: Jasmyne Cannick | Common Sense Prevails in L.A. Police Union Election {*** END ***}