#ACTIONALERT: March For Stolen Children, Los Angeles | #MarchForStolenChildren #wherearethechildren
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March For Stolen Children, Los Angeles

Thursday, June 14 at 5 PM - 7 PM

There are up to 1,500 missing children at the hands of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of Refugee Resettlement and Department of Homeland Security

Thousands of children have been seperated from their parents and many more will face the same fate

This criminal government has been doing this for years! 
Both parties are guilty of these Human Rights Violations!

On June 14th we lead the nation and demand:

The government to find the children and return them to their families

For the government to end the seperation of children from their parents

The attacks on our migrant Brothers and Sisters must end at the border and in our neighborhoods

Justice for our Indigenous Sister Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzales, who was murdered by the Border Patrol

And in solidarity of all Immigrant struggles

The only way these bold attacks end, is by UNITING & FIGHTING BACK, this is one of hopefully many actions organized by several organizations and people who are fed up with the attacks on working families

Walkouts, civil disobedience and non stop demonstrations reminiscent of the 2006 Immigrant Movement is needed!!!

Join us at MacArthur Park at 5pm
Please share the event and spread the word!




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