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ACTION ALERT: May Day in Boyle Heights: Make May Day Red Again!

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Tuesday, May 1 at 12 AM - 11:59 PM

Once upon a time, May Day used to be the most significant day for the international proletariat. From its 1886 origins from the streets of Chicago, turned red with the blood of the Haymarket Martyrs, in the fight for the eight-hour workday, May Day gave the proletariat a fighting spirit in the U.S. It gave our class some of its first communist and anarchist martyrs in this country.

May Day gave fear to our enemy, the capitalists and their lapdogs, with their historically-sealed fates growing nearer.

The first drop of blood spilt was at the expense of the proletariat, but the last drop of blood will not come from our veins. 

May Day has been co-opted by supposed "communist" and "leftist" organizations. It has turned into a police-permitted, capitalist-sanctioned-and-celebrated parade. 

In fact, just last year we even saw well-known populist pan-nationalist and fake socialist organizers follow the liberal #resist march, not to mention the rewarding speech by bicyclist-gentrifier Mayor Eric Garcetti himself at the end. The same capitalist mayor that has ushered in destructive gentrification throughout Los Angeles!

How dare any of these organizations and capitalists use this march - this day! - as a rallying call for their reformism, for their revisionism, for their labor aristocratic arrogance!

We must fight tooth and nail to free red May Day, the fighting spirit of the proletariat, from the clutches of the pro-imperialist, pro-gentrification, pro-settler-colonialism liberals!

May Day was never meant to be a parade with police escorts and city permits. The first May Day was illegal!

No more are we waiting for permits to take over streets. No more are we going to succumb to the liberalism and danger of having police escort us. We don't need the pigs, we have each other.

We call on proletarians and the oppressed - the undocumented proletarian immigrants, the oppressed nation's working-class women and trans militants, the working-class renters - to join supporters of Red Guards - Los Angeles and rally at Mariachi Plaza and march with the red flag! Time and route will be disclosed closer to the date due to pig surveillance on Boyle Heights organizers and revolutionaries. 

We must dare to struggle, dare to win! We must pave the way for the proletariat and the oppressed to follow our path toward Protracted People's War and communism!

Come angry, wear a mask! Bring red flags! Bring the ruckus! 

Long live International Workers' Day!

Long live Red May Day!

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Red Guards / Los Angeles, Boyle Heights, United States
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