Mindfulness and Vision Board Event
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Mindfulness and Vision Board Event

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Saturday, April 14 at 7 PM - 10 PM

Papeeyay is proud to partner with Greenstone Therapy, for an inspirational evening of Meditation, Essential Oils and Functional Vision Boards. We will start the evening with a short meditation exercise that will help calm that constant chatter in our minds. Don't worry if you've never meditated below, we will show you how. Remember, it's not always about shutting out. Sometimes, it has to do with acknowledging. Greenstone Therapy will also be one hand to gift us with a specially-concocted essential oil, that will aid us towards relaxation, inspiration, and an awaken of our senses for a creative event. When we say vision boards, we're really talking about functional boxes or containers we use on a daily basis. Not a flat board that ends up behind a closet door or storage room. If your visions are not seen on a daily basis, you are diminishing the power of that vision and the feelings that come with it. Think, pencil case for your office, or a box for your special soaps and salts in the bathroom, or even that special box by the doorway, for the catch-alls and keys. Only with your intentional quotes and visions. All materials will be supplied by Papeeyay, but if you have some special keepsakes you'd like to incorporate, please bring them along. Special shells from the beach, a feather from that bird that serenaded you on that early morning coffee break, or your wedding invitation. If you can still feel the sensation, that can help with your vision. Refreshments and snacks provided. Please bring a friend. We promise you a great evening.

 3314 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90034


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