Of Course the Pentagon Is Pursuing Autonomous Killer Robots

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Autonomous and semi-autonomous weapon systems shall be designed to allow commanders and operators to exercise appropriate levels of human judgment over the use of force.
~ Department of Defense Directive 3000.9 (May 8, 2017)

Suppose you knew that I was manufacturing gun powder. And rifle barrels, trigger mechanisms, and sighting equipment. And I was open about this, not trying to hide my activities and projects from anyone. Indeed, I am absolutely unapologetic about my activities. Suppose that I claimed that I was not planning on making rifles and ammunition, just components, and even if I was, these rifles wouldn’t be used to shoot anything, and certainly not to kill anything or anyone. To be clear, I’d reinforce, that even if fully functioning rifles and ammunition were in fact assembled from these parts that I was making, the rifles would just sit in a case and I would never allow them to be used. I’d make some comments about how rifles and ammunition weren’t really very useful when assembled anyway – that wasn’t the goal – and that the component parts were really more valuable, and also innocuous. To be sure that you understood, I would assert that my rifle and ammunition components would always have to be designed so that a human would intervene if anyone tried to assemble the parts or use the assembled rifles. But I would also want to make sure that you knew that other people who weren’t as ethical and honest as I say I am were working very hard on rifles and ammunitions.

Would you believe that what I am doing and what I intend won’t lead to the existence of rifles to be used to shoot anything or anyone at some point?

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