The World According to John Bolton… in His Own Words

(MEE) — John Bolton is set to replace HR McMaster as Donald Trump’s national security advisor in a Lazarus-like resurrection for a man regarded as among the most hawkish of American politicians. The US president announced the move on Thursday afternoon. Bolton will become Trump’s third national

America’s Worst Nightmare

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) — John Bolton’s inclusion in the Trump administration as Donald Trump’s new national security advisor is nothing short of a nightmare. Bolton, a former U.N. ambassador under George W. Bush, will be replacing General H.R. McMaster as Trump’s national security advisor, who replaced former “disgraced” national

10 Social Media Networks to Use Instead of Facebook

(ANTIMEDIA) — The salient facts of the new Cambridge Analytica scandal are bad, and the optics are even worse for Facebook, which is already facing multiple battles both in legal courts and the court of public opinion. But this really is just the spilled pot of